$20 Off Each Item: CAMDUCK Mid-Year Super New Product Testing Event


Dear valued customers,

We are thrilled to announce that CAMDUCK is hosting a grand annual promotional event! To thank you for your ongoing support and trust, we are launching a “$20 Off Each Item” super new product testing event. This event not only offers great prices but also provides you with an excellent opportunity to participate in new product testing. Below are the details of the event.

 $20 Off Each Item

During the event, all customers purchasing CAMDUCK hidden cameras can enjoy a direct discount of up to $20 per product. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to experience our top-quality products at a more affordable price.

Super New Product Testing Spots

In addition to price discounts, we have prepared a special benefit for you—a chance to become a tester in our super new product testing event. Participants in this event will have the opportunity to be the first to use our latest products and provide valuable feedback, helping us continually improve and enhance product quality. 

How to Participate

1. **Visit Our Website**: Log in to the CAMDUCK website and browse our product pages to learn more about CAMDUCK hidden cameras.
2. **Choose Your Product**: Select your desired CAMDUCK hidden camera and add it to your shopping cart.
3. **Enjoy the Discount**: At checkout, the system will automatically apply a $20 discount per item and offer free shipping within the United States.
4. **Join the New Product Testing**: After completing your purchase, you will automatically have the chance to become a new product tester, gaining first-hand access to our latest products.

Event Duration 

This mid-year promotional event is time-limited, running from July 1st to July 15th. Don’t miss out! Act quickly to enjoy our discounts and be among the first to experience CAMDUCK’s new products.


At CAMDUCK, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and the best services. We hope this mid-year promotional event will allow more users to experience our latest technology and product innovations. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to your participation!

Visit [https://www.camduck.com](https://www.camduck.com) now to join the mid-year super new product testing event!


Through this blog post, we aim to inform users about the details of CAMDUCK’s mid-year promotional event and inspire them to participate. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your support and trust!

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