Abuse children, abuse of the elderly, domestic violence...

In recent years, a series of nanny abuses has caused everyone to suspend their hearts:We can't always care for the frail old people, or accompany the innocent children for days and nights, because of the need for love and protection, we seek the care of the housekeeper.But one of the most sensational cases is that we are on the alert. How much darkness and malevolent are growing up in the visual corners of the vision that can't be seen?And all this is close at hand. In this case, CAMDUCK came into being.

CAMDUCK originated from the founder's personal experience. At the beginning of 2015, the old man of a friend's family was abused; in the same year, the baby was abused by the Babysitter...It is only to experience the keenly-felt pain in person to understand the helplessness of the injured family.Therefore, he decided to do some hidden camera products can nip evil in the bud,and it is also prepared for these misdeeds.The research and development began in 2016, and after more than one year of hard work,that's finally starting to hit the market in 2017.

For all the users of CAMDUCK, CAMDUCK symbolizes not only the struggle against the dark and vicious journey, but the silent companionship of the loved ones.

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