Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing the theme, if you have other questions, please just send it to
The spy camera wireless hidden is a secure camera that has strong security protocols and it is password protected.only people with the right password can access the camera ad no data will be transferred a 3rd party server. Please feel free to use.
Yes,it is a hidden cameras and usb charger.if someone actually plugs into usb,it charger a phone.nobody know it is a camera.
If the place you spy have wifi,you need open CIXICM app to follow setup tips to finish WiFi configuration of camera on your phone, then you can watch live video from CIXICM app anywhere.
Monitor live remotely and download video to album by using your phone without inserting SD card. If SD card inserted, the video can be recorded not only to the SD card but also to the mobile phone. Please refer to the detailed steps in the manual.
You need to take sd card out and do on laptop or PC.
When the camera is turned on for the first time OR restarted after a power failure, the red and blue lights of the camera will be on. This function is designed to detect the current network and memory card working status of the camera and show it to you. There will not have any visible lights on the camera when recording and when idle.
The wifi wall charger spy camera is AC powered, meaning it needs to be plugged in to operate.
Our free streaming app allows you to view your live video as well ad adjust the various camera settings as needed.
No there are never any monthly fees or costs to view, stream, or record your video from your camera.
The card reader is a device that you insert your memory card into that plugs into your computer's USB port that lets you view the files on the card. It's needed if your computer doesn't have a built in card reader slot.
Motion alerts send you push notifications to your phone if your camera detects activity, perfect for home security or office security or just being made aware of when your kids get home from school.
Yes you can. You can mix and match additional charger cameras, or mix and match with any of our other compatible WiFi cameras (listed on the Product Description tab). The cameras can be in different locations as well (home, office, etc) as long as each is connected to a WiFi network at the camera location.
These type of cameras are compatible with most WiFi networks. A 2.4GHz network is needed (many newer 5.8GHz networks may not be compatible). Most routers now broadcast in both bands.
Yes multiple people can be viewing the camera feed at the same time (such as you and your spouse), you simply need to install the camera app and enter the camera login and password on each device you want to monitor the cameras from.
This camera live streams to an iPhone or Android phone only, it does not stream to PC/tablet or Mac computers.
We offer a 1 year warranty as well as lifetime technical support by our product experts if you ever have questions about how to set up or operate the camera.
Please refer to the quick start guide - Click Here
You should place the unit at least 6 feet back from whatever you're trying to capture.
Plug it into a wall, and it automatically begins to record.
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