Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing the theme, if you have other questions, please just send it to
Fault Reason:
1. Phone not connected to network.
2. Power off.
3. Camera not connect successfully.
1. Ensure cell phone is connected to an available network.
2. Check camera is plugged in and powered on.
3. Unplug and replug camera, check indicator light: Blue light stay on means camera is connected successfully. Refresh video and wait 1-3 mins (delayed video due to network).
     Flashing blue light means camera is not connected successfully. Follow tutorial to connect camera again (Note: Ensure correct router WIFI password during connect).
Fault Reason:
Network is slow
1. Refresh video, and wait 1-3 mins(delayed video due to network)
2. If video still freezes, switch to better WIFI to view.
1. Connect second camera after first one is connect successful.
2. Follow first camera tutorial to connect second camera.
Note: One phone can connect up to 8 cameras.
After connected successfully the camera with the first phone:
1. Connect second phone to same WIFI as first phone.
2. Open App, click "+" and select "Close Range Monitor Setting". Add the camera.
Note: One camera can be connected to a max of four phones.
The light will be on when camera is starting up, and the light will be off auto after about 1 minute. There will be no indicator on during record.
APP → Setting → Recording Status-Motion Detetction
Delete video in APP Local Files :
Click on the video to delete it directly. Delete video of micro sd cards:
1. Insert the micro sd card into card reader.
2. Plug card reader into the computer.
3. Find the video files on sd card and delete them.
Loop Recording
In this mode, the camera will automatically save new video files every 10 minutes. When the SD card is full, the newest file will overwrite the oldest file, and the camera will continue recording with continuous-loop videotaping. (Tip: we recommend that you save files in time to avoid deleting important video files.)
Motion Detection Recording
If you choose this recording mode, cameras will send a real-time alert with images to the app (you can check the report in the message box of the app) when there is a motion, and at the same time, it will capture a 2-minute video to the SD card (not included). It will not automatically record video if there is no motion.
Please check if your wifi is dual-band wifi (that is, 5G and 2.4Gwifi). If so, please switch your wifi to 2.4G or turn off 5Gwifi in the following way:

Router Settings

Fault Reason:
CAMDUCK-**** is only the virtual signal of the camera, not the network.
Please ignore it and follow the instructions to continue the connection."
Fault Reason:
Connected camera WIFI
Connect to your router's WIFI in your phone's WIFI list."
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