10 Reasons to Buy a WI-FI Hidden Camera


With the growing technology and the rise in crime rates and home invasions, many homeowners are turning to a WI-FI hidden camera as a tool against unwanted intruders. A WI-FI hidden camera is a device often disguised as an everyday item, such as a smoke detector or night light, that contains surveillance software to record and transmit footage which is accessible via your home computer. It acts as a spy camera with Wi-Fi. Here are 10 reasons why you should buy a WI-FI hidden camera:

1、To Improve Your Home Security

A WI-FI hidden camera kept in a central location is not only an extra eye and ear for your home to monitor people's activities, but also a deterrent for intruders. WI-FI cameras can send alerts of suspicious activity to your smartphone (free app available), so you can instantly act on it. With the system's audio recording capabilities, you can even ask criminals questions and capture their voices as evidence. The best thing about WI-FI security hidden camera is that it is small enough to be tucked away in your bedroom, living room or even bathroom and unobtrusive enough to not attract unwanted visitors.

2、Elevate Your Office Security

You can also get a hidden camera for your office to monitor suspicious activities, like when an intruder may enter the premises. WI-FI security cameras are also excellent for kids who often misbehave at school. In an office with few windows or no safety lockers, the camera will allow you to see who comes in and out of your office as well as record their activities. You can even ask them questions, which will make them your best witness. In the event that an intruder does try something, you can immediately place crime scene tape all around the area with a wireless transmitter to relay the video footage to appropriate authorities.

3、Makes Sure Your Children and Elderly Parents are Safe

Your elderly parents who live alone in a senior home or an assisted living facility are vulnerable to the threat of burglary. The cameras can ensure their safety and set your mind at ease by monitoring suspicious activity around their home. You can even monitor an infant's room to make sure they are safe while sleeping. In case you have a nanny or babysitter taking care of your little ones, you can install WI-FI cameras in their rooms to keep an eye on them.

4、Helps in Pet Monitoring

Many WI-FI hidden cameras can be used for pet monitoring. The cameras can keep a watchful eye on your dog or cat when you are away from home or out of town. If your pet is sick, the camera can capture images of an intruder trying to enter the house. In case an elderly parent falls asleep while watching a movie, you can use the camera to observe their safety. WI-FI hidden cameras can also be used to monitor the condition of your children if they stay in a babysitting service.

5、Can Be Used as a Nanny Camera

If you have a nanny or child care service and you need to ensure they are safe while on duty, The nanny cams can be used. You can ask the nanny to ring your smartphone once a certain activity is detected, such as when the door is opened or kids move rooms in their room, which will alert you so you can come and check up on them. Once there's an intruder, you can switch over the camera to record the footage for evidence.

6、Intruder Notifications

Home security cameras are great but sometimes they are not enough to keep you safe. A spy camera with a built-in hidden security camera that you can use to provide police with information on the perpetrator will help. It can give them a clear view of the intruder's face to determine his identity, so that authorities can immediately arrest him. This is particularly helpful when you have a family member who may have a mental health illness or is unconscious, which can enable the invaders to assault them without your intervention.

7、Recording of Crime Scenes

When a crime scene happens, there is no need to wait for police to make an arrest. You can use your camera to record the evidence and give authorities a clear image of what happened through live streaming and recording capabilities. The content can be given to the police via email link, or even sent in a portable disk so that they can access it at the crime scene. You can also use the footage to show surveillance in court so that the judge can issue harsher penalties on the criminal.

8、To Stream Live Videos to Smart Devices

WI-FI wireless cameras are often used by business owners or parents to monitor their employees or children in their dorms while they are away at work or out of town. You can capture clear footage of your employee's activities throughout the day and you can even ask them questions through your smartphone app if you have concerns about how they handled it. In case you have doubts about your babysitter, you can live to stream the video from the cameras and check on your kids.

9、Keep Check on Contractors

You can put a spy camera with Wi-Fi in your office as an added protection to record the events that happened during the day. You can also use it for nanny cams and install one in your kitchen to feel more secure about your children's care. A WI-FI spy camera can be placed in a central location to monitor the activities of contractors, plumbers and other workers who may have access to your home while you are away, so you know they won't take anything from you.

10、Creates Peace of Mind

A wireless camera with Wi-Fi equipped to monitor your home can be a wonderful addition to your life. If you are ever out of town, away on business or on vacation, the cameras can make sure your home is safe by recording suspicious events that may occur in the area. In case any criminal tries to break in, their actions can be recorded and evidence gathered for the police later.

WI-FI spy cameras can be helpful in keeping your family safe and the footage captured can be used as evidence to catch a criminal. The use of these cameras is being implemented by many families who work outside the home, travellers who are away on business, and even homeowners. The wireless camera with Wi-Fi capability can help keep your family home or business safe while you are away by recording any suspicious activities and alerting you immediately when an intruder attempts to break into your area.


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