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In recent years, there has been a tremendous increase in the installation of these hidden cameras, which can be attributed to major technological improvements. Homeowners, business owners and other stakeholders have adopted the hidden cameras with different intentions. Therefore, this article aims to show the different types of hidden cameras, the suitable areas to install them, and why you need them.
Best Place to Mount a Hidden Camera
15% of homeowners use video surveillance to protect their homes. So, which are the suitable places to mount a hidden camera? In most homesteads, picture frames are part of home decor and form a suitable place to mount a hidden camera. The other places you might want to consider when mounting your spy cameras are lampshades, stuffed animals like teddy bears,  wall clocks, and bookshelves. However, it is important to ensure that you mount your spy cameras in places that have less movement going on around them.

USB Hidden Camera 

The following are two types of USB hidden cameras:

USB Wall Charger Camera

This type of hidden camera has one or two ports for USB cables where you can plug in your smartphone. These ports are either on the front or the side.

Desktop Multi Port USB Charger Camera

This type has several USB ports where you can plug in your phone. It is discreet since it appears like any regular charger.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the camera to monitor the nanny?

Yes, you can use a hidden camera to monitor nanny movements within your premises. It is easy to use a smart security camera, a video baby monitor and other cameras as a nanny cam. The camera can be disguised as wall clocks, bulbs and other equipment. Although nanny cams are allowed, you cannot intrude on their privacy by mounting surveillance cameras in the bathroom or her bedroom.

Are Spy Cameras Legal?

In most countries, spy cameras are legal to use in homes or business premises for legitimate concerns. You can film without the consent of the person being filmed so long as you do not intrude on their privacy. For instance, in the UK, elements of the Data Protection Act and the Human Rights Act govern the use of the hidden camera.

A Real-Life Example of Using a Surveillance Camera for a Pet Dog

Guard Dog

Surveillance cameras pick a hilarious video of a guard dog in this video. This helps the owner learn different behaviors from the dog around the house.


Dog at Home Alone

This clip shows a dog left at home alone. This man came home to an untidy house, prompting him to install a secret camera to see what his dog was doing and what triggered its behavior.



Different secret cameras are installed for different reasons. This is a trend that is being adopted globally as a security measure. Homeowners must be aware of what goes on in their homes and businesses. Moreover, it will keep your daily life within your expectations and won't cost a dime. 


Side Hidden Camera Charger


USB Wall Adapter, no one will suspect! They are so discreet you can put one anywhere and no one would ever know it is a camera. 

USB 5-Port Charger Hidden Camera


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