Why camduck should be your next hidden camera for home security?


Property owners will often install CCTVs in their homes for security and to record details of visitors and intruders entering the home. However, criminals are likely to disable or damage the CCTVs before committing any crime, so there is no evidence of the crime. Hence, property owners are increasingly interested in installing one or more hidden cameras in their homes for security and other reasons. While a large number of companies sell hidden cameras, many homeowners prefer to purchase and install hidden cameras from camduck for their house or other property for multiple reasons, which are discussed below.


The hidden camera installed can be used for multiple applications discussed below.
- Home security, for finding out who has entered the house, especially when the family members are not at home, and what the intruder has done. Additionally, the camera can record visitors' activities at home, especially for events like parties when family members cannot monitor everyone. Generally speaking, families have maids, cooks, plumbers, electricians, cleaning people and other workers at home daily or at least for a few hours.   The hidden camera can be used to monitor and record their activities, especially if any item is damaged or cannot be found.
- Most families have babies and children at some stage. Parents can use the hidden camera to monitor their activities remotely using their smartphone and the app provided for the hidden camera when the parents are not at home.
- Many people like to keep pets, and they may also have a senior citizen who is a parent or relative living with them. The hidden camera can be used to monitor the pet or senior citizen and help them quickly if required.

Types of hidden cameras

One of the main reasons the hidden camera is preferred is that the intruder or person causing harm will not be aware that their activities are being recorded. So a hidden camera will not have any lighting to indicate it is recording. To cater to the requirement of the customers, camduck has different designs of hidden cameras available in multiple colours, such as black and white. The most popular model of hidden cameras are chargers, and the user can choose from a wall-mounted or desktop charger. Also, hidden cameras are incorporated in a power bank and multiport USB charger.


Camduck hidden cameras are popular because they can be easily set up and connected to the WiFi network so that the footage is available remotely on smartphones using the app provided. The hidden camera can be set up to record videos continuously or only if motion is detected to reduce the storage required. The videos will be streamed at 1080 P and can be recorded on the memory card at a resolution of 720 P. The memory card can store a maximum of 128 GB, equivalent to 15 days of footage.


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