Hidden USB Charger Camera 5 Essential Features


When you are considering all kinds of hidden cameras, you will find that most items aren’t discrete or effective. Many items such as watches, necklaces, water bottles, and even picture frames can help you achieve a decent view. But they come with short battery life and can’t record everything.

However, a hidden USB charger camera has an impressive design. Because everyone uses a charger, people won’t bother about finding the same plugged into the wall. The USB charger spy camera is one of the best methods of placing a hidden camera in a room. Here are five important features that make this device a unique and effective one.

Recording Mode

The best part about the hidden camera charger is its recording mode. Capturing several hours of footage of a vacant room without activity is of no use. Choosing a hidden camera that uses motion detection technology makes sure that only the right images are captured.

When you buy the spy USB charger camera, you get the option to choose between two modes. You can either opt for motion detection mode or go for the one with continuous motion mode.

Security & Discretion

Another distinguishing feature of the USB charger spy camera is who can access the data. The most notable thing about this spy camera is that the makers of this device don’t have access to user data. Having a spy camera connected to your Wi-Fi can backfire with people spying on you.

Chances are that someone might mess with your camera. With necessary password protection and other security features, no one can track or view the data. Only the owner can analyze the captured recordings.

In addition, the indicator light doesn’t glow once the device starts to record. Also, you can hide the device’s Wi-Fi address after connecting it to the app on your smartphone.

Recording Storage and Viewing

The hidden camera charger comes with in-built storage to capture video recordings. Also, it includes swappable storage via SD Cards. If you want to store more data, swappable SD card slots are handy.

But if you want minimal recordings, in-built storage is sufficient. When it comes to watching live footage or reviewing it later, you can use the smartphone app to do the same.

Resolution of the Camera & Frame Rate

When you have a higher-resolution camera, you can view the recordings clearly without noise. The hidden USB charger camera comes in 720p and 1080p resolution that helps produce amazing high-definition crisp images. In addition, the images are processed at 30fps (frames per second).

Any video that produces 30fps gives you the perfect video recordings captured by the device. Also, the 90 degrees wide-angle view make the videos more detailed. However, having a full-definition video eats up the storage. Hence, scale down to lower resolutions for maximum performance.

Automatic Cycle

Lastly, when the device’s memory becomes full, the spy USB charger camera overwrites the old video files with the new ones automatically. As such, you don’t have to worry about deleting old videos or keeping track of the storage constantly.


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